INpower en la revista Road Bike Action

6 de Mayo de 2015.

“Gracias a su diseño limpio y elegante  es fácil que el nuevo potenciómetro INpower sea confundido con un eje estándar.”

“Una de las mejores características es la posibilidad de cambiar las baterías sin utilizar herramientas. Basta con un giro para extraer su batería estándar de tipo AA que le da una autonomía de  aproximadamente 300 horas y todo ello manteniendo el potenciómetro a salvo del agua y la suciedad”

“Al igual que todas las bielas ROTOR, INpower es compatible con todos los ejes de carretera excepto con los del tipo BB90”

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Christoph Sauser habla de ROTOR INpower

Sauser Christoph  "my new Rotor INpower meter!"

S29.04.2015 Friday Short Track, 20min plus 3 laps, 17km, 450m of climbing 3rd place, 2sec behind winner Sam Gaze “my new Rotor INpower meter!”

Abril 29, 2015. Diario de Cristoph Sauser.

“Desde la Sea Otter Classic, estoy compitiendo con el excelente potenciometro de ROTOR. El mejor potenciometro cuando lo combinamos con las bielas REX y Q-Rings. Super fiable, muy ligero, resistente y simple de manejar.

¡Los datos de potencia en vatios me empujan durante la competición y me aportan un estupendo feedback durante el entrenamiento!…”

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ROTOR presenta su potenciómetro para todas las disciplinas

MTB Power meter, Inpower by ROTOR

Inpower for MTB

MADRID (April 16, 2015) ROTOR Bike Components established a new power meter category today by introducing its innovative crank axle-based INpower power
meter. By inconspicuously integrating its technology inside the bottom bracket, INpower becomes protected from shock, crashes and outside contaminants, plus maintains the bike’s original aesthetics.


IN the future, all high-end cranks will feature a power meter INside

Due to its position inside the frame, INpower is available in any 30mm ROTOR crank for MTB, road, and triathlon/TT, which affords mountain bikers, ‘cross racers, and triathletes the same pursuit of physiological gains historically enjoyed by road cyclists. With a nod toward ROTOR’s flagship Q-Rings, INpower features TORQUE 360 and Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA) pedal analysis, which help cyclists precisely and accurately assess force variations in their pedal stroke. TORQUE 360 and OCA values enable cyclists to orient their Q-Rings around their distinct pedaling characteristics in order to take advantage of their most productive zone.

“We wanted to create a power meter that overcame current trends in power meter technology and could be transferred to other disciplines,” said Pablo Carrasco, head of research and development at ROTOR and INpower’s inventor. “At the same time we wanted to leverage the benefits of Q-Rings and build a sophisticated power meter that’s fairly simple to use compared with other power meters out there.”

INnovative features and INtelligent metrics

INnovation INside the crank axle

INnovation INside the crank axle

INpower uses a standard AA battery and is equipped with the UBB30 axle system, a 30 mm diameter axle that is compatible with almost all standard frames in the market. Because INpower measures data in the left leg, cyclists who already own a current set of ROTOR cranks have the option to purchase only the left crank arm and install it themselves with the help of a downloadable multi-lingual user’s manual. Because it’s centered in the crank axle, INpower achieves cleaner data transfer and greater accuracy via ANT+™ protocol without succumbing to interruptions and temperature fluctuations. Sophisticated metrics like Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness determine total torque versus positive torque and average power versus maximum power respectively.


Tested IN competition, available for all cyclists

ROTOR’s ambitions for INpower include adoption by professional teams and racers like MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung, Lampre-Merida, MMR and Rocks & Co. MTB teams.

“I have been testing and providing constant feedback for INpower’s development since the season’s start,” said Rui Costa. “and due to the product’s significant benefits, I’ve decided to use it throughout 2015, including in the Tour de France.”

In a category all its own, ROTOR has presented INpower in a variety of mediums including a dedicatedmicrosite, an authoritative white paper titled “Technology in Training: refining the pursuit of physiological gains,” and videos, which can be viewed at either or on ROTOR’s YouTube channel.

With the debut of INpower, ROTOR also announces price restructuring for its existing power meters, Power and POWER LT. ROTOR Power will now be offered for €1,299 (previously €1,699) or US $1,559 (from $2,400) and POWER LT has been lowered to €899 (from €999) and US $1,079 (from $1,490).

ROTOR Bike Components will be setting up a media testing period exclusively for INpower. If you are interested in testing or for more information about INpower, email Wendy